What is a Growth Vision?

By Tom Bixby, President & CEO, LEVEL Management Partners
Published March 11, 2016

Many business owners start their companies as fearless entrepreneurs. They are adventurers, risk takers, innovators. As the years go by, they may find themselves leading a substantial company with many employees, providing a comfortable lifestyle, but losing a bit of their entrepreneurial edge. They become “operators”, growing consciously or subconsciously more conservative, often complacent, with a focus on maintaining rather than growing.

Over time, they may lose sight of the true potential of their company. Their eyes may be trained inward rather than out toward the horizon or up toward the stars. They need help developing a Growth Vision for their business, one reflecting their full potential and built by examining the multitude of possibilities extending beyond the perspective of the owner and their leadership team.

What does a Growth Vision look like?

A Growth Vision is the sparkle in the eye of a business owner who is excited about what their company is capable of being. It is reflected in the infectious enthusiasm that owner brings to the office every day. It can be seen in the owner’s reassuring smile when met with a major setback. It is seeing each day as an opportunity to step closer to an amazing future, confidently dodging and weaving around any obstacles in your path.

Do you have that Growth Vision?

Can you feel it?

Do you still have that sparkle, that infectious enthusiasm for your business?

Or do you find yourself:

  • Continually retrenching, reinforcing your current position?
  • Intimidated by the growing complexity of your business?
  • Frequently overcome by the frustrations of daily business operations?
  • Focused only on today’s realities rather than tomorrow’s possibilities?

One Charlotte-area business lacked that Growth Vision. Back in 2012, Frank was one of those business owners who was frequently overcome by daily operational frustration. With a little help, he was able to regain a positive Growth Vision for his business.

Having a positive Growth Vision can be tremendously uplifting, not only for you but also for your employees, your family and everyone around you. Conversely, not having a positive Growth Vision can affect the outlook and morale of your people. It can sap the energy from the company.

Adriana Mclane, Growth Strategist with The A. M. Insight and member of Level Management Partners’ LEVEL Expert Network™, reminds us that growth simply for the sake of growth may not be good.

“Growth should be strategic to your core such that by asking "why are we wanting to grow", the answer is clear and consistent with your vision and motivates you to keep pressing on. This kind of growth initiative will be easier to maintain when obstacles are in the way and it will leverage your base business, which makes the payoff much higher.”

If you are truly committed to growing your business but lack the “fire in the belly” passion to drive it forward, it may be you are missing that Growth Vision.

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