How Healthy Is Your Business?

If you are an owner or President/CEO of an established mid-market or small business and would like to grow that business by improving your management practices, you are invited to complete a Business Wellness Checkup.

Your Business Wellness Checkup will:

EvaluSys Business Wellness Checkup

  • Identify Broad Areas of Opportunity - This initial diagnostic will help you discover areas of management that may warrant closer inspection.
  • Compare Vs. National Checkup Results - Your Checkup Results provides a scorecard comparing your results against other companies across the US.
  • Cover a Broad Range of Topics - The Checkup provides a high-level examination of your Executive Leadership, Business Planning, Exit Planning, Marketing, Sales, Human Resources, Financial Planning & Control, and more.
  • Be Quick and Easy - The diagnostic process is conducted online, presenting you with simple questions requiring only about 15 minutes to complete.
  • Include a Checkup Review Session - Your registration includes a 1 hour Checkup Review session with an experienced business advisor to help you understand where diagnosed issues may be a barrier to achieving your strategic goals.

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LEVEL's Business Wellness Checkup is available to all qualified business owners, providing valuable insight into ways for improving your management processes to drive performance and growth.

The diagnostic portion of the Business Wellness Checkup can be completed in about 15 minutes. Upon completion, you will be contacted to schedule your Checkup Review discussion where you will understand your overall business wellness as outlined in the evaluation results, and learn recommended next steps for you and your company.

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