About Us

LEVEL Management Partners was founded by Tom Bixby in 2005, with a mission to help clients improve management practices across their companies.  Through the years, we've learned value can be found in all areas of every business.  We use state-of-the-art diagnostic tools from EvaluSys® and a team of functional experts to look beneath the surface to find opportunities for significant improvement.

We don't stop there.  We are pioneers in Value Growth Architecture™, producing value growth action plans prioritized based on return on investment.  The program leaders and subject-matter experts who design the growth architecture for a client will help guide the execution of action plans to achieve value growth goals.

* Value Growth Architecture and Value Growth Architect are trademarks of EvaluSys, LLC., Charlotte, NC USA.


Our Team

LEVEL brings together experienced, dedicated leaders to deliver extraordinary client value drawing expertise from the LEVEL Expert Network™.

Bruce AmEnde - Client Partner, LEVEL Management Partners, Inc.

Bruce is a senior management professional with broad leadership experience (domestic and international) in the areas of: supply chain management, engineering, manufacturing, IT, project & resource management, HR, process improvement & change management, business & financial management and Insurance. Bruce excels at creating goal oriented, team environment to resolve challenging business issues. Success is achieved through strong leadership, technical, financial and interpersonal skills.

Tom Bixby - President & CEO, LEVEL Management Partners, Inc.

Tom’s 40+ year career blends finance and operational expertise with deep technology management credentials, featuring extensive senior leadership roles in small, mid-market, and Fortune 500 corporate settings yielding insight and perspective highly valued by LMP clients.

Tom also is Founder and CEO of EvaluSys LLC, a SaaS (“Software as a Service”) company that develops and operates a broad array of web-based management process diagnostics and Value Growth Architecture™ features relied upon by management consultants nationwide to drive value growth with small and mid-market clients.

Mike Cooper - Managing Partner, The Business Accelerators Group

Mike’s 30-year career includes over a decade as a sales and operations leader for high growth Fortune 500 organizations with nearly 20 years senior sales and operations executive success in small and mid-market companies.

Mike has helped business owners and executives in over 30 industries build high-achievement cultures, teams, systems and accountability that deliver market-leading growth of revenue and profits.

Brian Johnson - CEO, Main & Johnson

Brian’s 25 year career features roles in multiple Fortune 500 organizations, both domestic and international. Predominantly working in the manufacturing sector, Brian has led teams in areas of Global Procurement, Global Commodity Management, Operations, M&A and Global Sales.

Known for bridging gaps between business executives, key stakeholders, department leaders, and customers through analyzing needs and creating strategies with a focus on driving long-term growth, Brian continues to drive impact and value as an active business strategist and executive coach.

David Shavzin, CMC* - President, The Value Track

David brings 30 years of experience in strategy development and execution, guiding diverse, cross-functional teams to project success. Team alignment, change management and facilitation skills are key to his consulting work with lower middle market companies. An exit strategist, David created The Value Track in 2000 to sell client businesses - when they are ready. If not, consulting guidance kicks in to build value for a successful exit.

David’s career includes finance and M&A roles at Freddie Mac and Sanofi/Aventis. A frequent speaker on exit planning, David is a Certified Management Consultant (CMC), and is President & Co-Founder of Exit Planning Exchange Atlanta.

* CMC® is a Certified Management Consultant™, awarded by the Institute of Management Consultants USA (an ISO/IEC 17024 Certifying Body) as evidence of meeting international standards of consulting and adherence to the ethical canons of the profession, recognized in 48 countries.

Our Beliefs

  • We believe in our clients, and in our ability to help create significant and lasting value in their businesses.
  • We believe in diagnosing a problem before prescribing solutions.
  • We believe plans are only worthwhile if they can be successfully executed.
  • We believe using state-of-the-art diagnostic tools saves our clients time and money and reveals important issues we would otherwise overlook.
  • We believe in using communication and collaboration technology to work closely with our clients, regardless of where they live and work. We do this to maximize our availability to our clients and minimize travel cost and inconvenience for all.
  • We believe in exceeding client expectations every day.